Improve Warehouse Organisation with the Aid of Plastic Storage Boxes

The proper planning of a warehouse storage facility is the first step to a flawlessly organised establishment. As an area that often gets cluttered with different items, it pays to keep everything in order to achieve the maximum benefits from your warehouse facility.

Why Organise Your Warehouse?

It is a proven fact that when we are surrounded by clutter we feel stressed. For a more relaxed working environment that embraces functionality, it is vital that you keep your busy warehouse facility, shipshape and Bristol fashion:

To Improve Storage Efficiency

The efficient storage of items can contribute towards the increase in overall productivity inside a warehouse; everything is neatly organised and methodically placed for extra convenience.

To Increase Storage Space

A properly organised warehouse will create increased storage space; freeing up areas that were previously clogged with clutter.

Speaking of storage space, you can also take note of the following tips to make the most out of your limited warehouse space:

Tip #1: Optimise Vertical Space

The solution to limited storage is to make use of each and every available space – using the whole floor area, up to the ceiling. Adding tall shelves, pallet racks and stackable storage units can help maximise your vertical space.

Tip #2: Organise your Storage Facility

A well organised warehouse can help improve overall productivity in terms of faster and easier retrieval, reduced errors and enhanced safety.

Tip #3: Evaluate your Storage Flexibility

Warehouse storage can be costly in the long run if you don’t consider practicality beforehand. Make sure that you evaluate your storage solution’s flexibility – along with its quality – so that it remains in keeping with your warehouse needs.

Take a look at our vast range of plastic storage products that can be invaluable in the warehouse organisation process:

Shelving Units

Buy it here: Extra Wide Heavy Duty 5 Tier Solid Plastic Shelving Unit

One of the best ways to create more room in the warehouse is by adding shelving units that can accommodate more storage in a single area.

When choosing the perfect shelf, you may also want to consider the following:

  • Shelving Material. Plastic shelving units with reinforced metal are the most suitable, since they are sturdy enough to hold bulk items.
  • Uniform Density Load. Uniform Density Load or UDL is the maximum capacity that every tier can safely hold. Choose shelves that can hold as much as possible for the most benefits.
  • Accessibility. Go for shelves that can be accessed from all sides – as this can contribute to an easier retrieval system.

We have two shelving units (extra wide or extra deep) that are perfect for commercial use. Accommodating up to 80 kg / tier, they assure extreme versatility.

Pallet Boxes

View the whole range here: Plastic Pallet Boxes

As one of our most popular ranges for warehouse storage, these pallet boxes are specially made to hold big and bulky items (up to 900 litres). They can be safely stacked to up to 6 feet high and can be easily accessed from a height with the use of forklifts, pumps or pallet trucks.

Attached Lid Containers

View the whole range here: AUER Attached Lid Containers

If you prefer additional protection for your stored items, you may opt for our lidded plastic storage boxes. With robust hinged lids that allow stacking when closed, these boxes are great value for money - starting at £4.95 a box!

Start organising your warehouse today with our plastic storage shelving units and boxes! To learn more about our products, services and other offers call 01794 514478. A tidy warehouse is a happy warehouse!