Plastic Storage Boxes with Lids / Attached Lid Containers

When you need a robust storage solution that is durable, easy to stack and manoeuvrable, plastic storage boxes with lids are the perfect option.

Constructed from resilient materials such as polypropylene, HDPE and heavy duty plastics, these lidded distribution boxes do an excellent job of protecting their contents from impacts and a wide range of environmental aggressions - including temperature extremes and varying humidity levels. Read more at bottom of page...

How can you benefit from plastic storage boxes with lids?

Any time you need a safe and secure storage method, our plastic containers come in very useful. Perhaps you need efficient storage support for retail distribution or warehousing operations. Maybe you need an offsite resource for automotive components or pharmaceuticals, with no compromise on security. You might just need an easy and convenient way to ship your belongings from A to B. Attached lid containers are an affordable and flexible storage solution that can be used across a large number of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Sizes to suit your requirements

Our plastic storage solutions are available in various sizes to suit your requirements - if you need secure storage for smaller quantities or less bulky items, we have a selection of smaller containers that start from just 4 litres in volume; for large scale storage demands, we can provide containers and lidded distribution boxes up to 165 litres. It's all about giving you more control!

Easy to stack, easy to move

Conveniently stackable, our plastic storage boxes with lids can also help you to maximise on space as the boxes nest inside each other when empty for significant space saving.  The attached interlocking lids are designed to fit perfectly together for secure stacking. Sturdy moulded in handles ensure easy lifting and handling. Dollies (wheeled skates) are available for most container sizes - for the easy manoeuvrability of stacked boxes between sites.

Safe and secure

Our extensive range of storage boxes with lids are manufactured from tough plastic grades, keeping the possibility of any external damage to an absolute minimum. Tamper-proofing seals and cable ties are also available for all container sizes, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.