Order Picking Bins & Open Fronted Containers

For the biggest selection of easy access storage look no further! You can save more time in the warehouse or store room with our extensive range of open fronted easy access picking bins, boxes, crates and containers.

With a product to suit every budget and end user, Solent Plastics supplies a diverse range of industries with quality plastic solutions - bakeries, motor parts, garment picking, data centre consumables, component supply and online retail.

Effortlessly accessible, the order picking process can be quick, convenient and accurate with our carefully sourced plastic picking bins. The bespoke range assures easy product display/identification, thus improving picking accuracy and speed.

Our unique collection of 400x300mm and 600x400mm footprint euro stacking crates is designed for easy access in intensive distribution and picking operations.

Open fronted picking containers are also suitable in domestic environments - shed, garage, pantry, utility room, etc.