Plastic Tool Boxes & Carry Cases

With an extensive range of plastic tool boxes, carry cases and portable protector cases that provide protection for tools, equipment and components wherever you are, some of our heavy-duty tool boxes are based on the European standard for industrial containers. Complete with a sturdy handle and sliding clasp locks for safe portable storage - as used by the police and fire services - they stack on top of each other when not in use and have smooth, easy-to-clean internal walls.

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Many of our dry boxes and portable cases also offer airtight and waterproof or water-resistant protection to keep the contents dry and free from dust. This offers peace of mind when transporting valuable items such as laptops, tablets, GPS equipment, cameras and other important electrical equipment.

Solent Plastics is the sole UK importer of the US-made Contico range that includes the 20-inch plastic tool box with insert tray, the 26-inch plastic tool box with insert tray, the professional brand 20-inch tool box, the professional brand 26-inch tool box and the step stool storage box that doubles up as an equestrian horse mounting block - a popular choice indeed, thanks to its versatility and durability.

Plastic tool boxes have certain advantages over their steel and aluminium counterparts: they are lighter in weight and generally less expensive and they won't rust, chip, dent or sag. Anything that can be made of metal can also be made from plastic - industrial grade, rigidly constructed plastic tool storage boxes provide a viable alternative.

Our range includes many different size options ranging from the 0.4-litre capacity that provides waterproof protection for mobile phones, cameras, watches and other small items; to the 40.4-litre capacity that is ideal for high-cost equipment, van organisation, DIY use or the construction and electrical industry.

Keeping tools safe in transit, Plastic tool boxes have become increasingly popular in industrial environments as a way of organising the works van – everything is readily available when you reach the site. Some people also use the boxes to protect and transport recreational gear and equipment, as they make excellent storage facilities for camping and fishing.

For further information regarding our extensive range of portable tool boxes, please contact the Solent team… we are always happy to help.

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