Stacking Boxes & Euro Plastic Stacking Containers

By understanding your packing requirements, Solent Plastics delivers the perfect Euro Stacking Plastic Containers storage solution to your desired location.

Maintaining an unrivalled stock of Euro plastic storage boxes, containers, crates for every application, we afford reasonable prices to all our customers. Read more at bottom of page...

Solent Plastics offers a wide range of Euro Stacking Plastic Containers - each with their own unique set of benefits:

Robusto Stacking Plastic Euro Containers

Available in a variety of dimensions, Robusto is a range of stacking boxes with a load capacity of up to 60kg per box. Suitable for particularly hot or cold environments, it can withstand temperatures of -20°C to 100°C. Thanks to its food grade plastic construction, this high quality range of plastic containers is resistant to acids and oils.

Plastic Euro Stacking Containers

The reinforced corners of the Plastic Euro Stacking Containers make them an ideal choice for transporting heavy loads. Wide rims and ergonomic hand grips mean that they can be handled with ease. If structural integrity and security are your main concerns, these boxes are the ideal choice.

Colour Coded Plastic Euro Containers & Lids

Great for easily distinguishing between your goods and materials, our colour coded stacking boxes and lids make it easy to tell your contents apart. Vertical sides allow maximum usable space and smooth, flat bases ensure silent conveyer movement. You’ll also benefit from reinforced corners and increased structural integrity to keep your items well protected during transit.

Ventilated Euro Plastic Containers

Ideal for catering and food use, our ventilated containers allow a constant and natural air flow -perfect for goods transported in temperature controlled vans.

Hinged Lid Plastic Euro Containers

The security smart hinged lid means you won’t lose a thing in transit! With vertical sides that allow a maximum usable volume, the Hinged Lid Plastic Euro Containers are designed to be stacked one inside the other. Smooth, flat bases give silent conveyer movement.

Portable Euro Container Carry Cases

These sturdy, smooth walled cases are a perfect means to pack your valuables. Heavy duty handles and sliding clasp locks keep your possessions safe and out of harm’s way.

LINPAC Euro Containers

In sizes ideal for palletisation (400mm x 300mm, 600mm x 400mm or 800mm x 600mm), these containers allow compressed and unwavering stacking.

Solent Plastics is pleased to supply to all industries – we despatch to customers across the globe.

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